Grapefruit Seed Extract Treat Acne

Many people suffer from acne and looking for different ways of treating the disease, but without success. In addition, some medicines for side effects such as acne dry skin, irritation and skin sensitivity. Grape seed extract is used to treat various skin problems, it is known that bacteria that cause acne and oil to fight and is sold in most supermarkets and health vitamin. It takes just minutes a day to cleanse your face with grape seed extract to help reduce the occurrence of acne and prevent future outbreaks.

Face wet with warm water by hand or with a soft cloth.

Apply three or four drops of grapefruit seed extract to wet hands and facial massage with circular movements for about a minute. Make sure to clean the whole face.

Wash your face with warm water and rinse with a clean cloth. It is normal for a slight tingle when washed or dry to see your face.

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