Grapefruit: Quesitons & Ideas (Part 1)


Cut in half, eaten w/ spoon, maybe a tad of splenda on top. I prefer ruby reds, but will do yellow ones as well.

LIPITOR USERS: Do not eat or drink any grapefruit products within about 12 hours of taking your Lipitor. It will cause the medication to not work! Just a little aside there.... :-)

There are grapefruit pills...or you could have half a grapefruit a day, or drink some grapefruit juice. Yes, it does work, and it's probably the safest diet out there.

Chromium picolonate is the other thing that increases your metabolism. For women it's a tad weeker (in mg) than for males who pump iron...get the weaker one, otherwise it will boost your energy and you'll be climbing the walls with the jitters. You don't need "fast"..."fast" will hurt you.

One caution...don't stay on this "acidy" grapefruit diet for too long because the body is supposed to be "alkali" to stay healthy..

What will drinking a lot of grapefruit juice do to my health?

It can help you, but make sure its light or else the calories will cancel out the help.

I can't think of the name at the moment, but grapefruits have a "chemical" in them that speeds up your metabolic rate. If you exercise and eat healthy low cal meals with the juice, you will lose weight. Also try eating grapefruits because the chemical will be in a more concentrated form!

Will grapefruit seed extract work to cure bacterial vaginosis?

No. Natural remedies generally won't work on bacterial infections, despite all their bogus and unproven claims. Stick to scientifically proven medicine, not alternative medicine nonsense. Tell your doctor you have had a history of side effects with that particular antibiotic, and they can prescribe you a different one. Real medical doctors have undergone years of studying biology, chemistry, physiology, pathology etc etc and respect science, experiment, evidence and clinical trials, whereas naturopaths, and other alternative medicine claimants, are not required to learn such knowledge, and instead rely on unverified anecdotes and hearsay.

How much grapefruit juice is equivalent to one grapefruit?

Uuh, well grapefruit juice does not contain much fiber the healthy part about the grapefruit by the time you drink enough grapefruit juice with pulp to add up to the fiber a single grapefruit, you have probably drank like 12,000 calories eat a grapefruit and drink water you cannot lose wieght drinking juice with that much sugar it is not much different than a soda as far as calories are concerned as far as how much you have to drink to get the same amount of juice as one grapefruit, I would guess like 2-3 oz. but the dietary fiber is what you want, not much in the juice

Where has all the white grapefruit juice gone?

I have a theory. sadly it potentiates some drugs. same as cimetidine(tagamet). by tying up certain enzymes the liver uses to break down these thus co-administering before hand causes this. for those of you who have never read up on it.

How can I make a grapefruit less bitter but still keep all the nutritional value it normally has?

Do not eat the white pith part, that's the bitter stuff, add a bit of sugar or fake sugar if you must

How can grapefruit sections be stored for a week in the frig?

Yes, you can do this at home. Buy your grapefruit, section it and store in a sealed jar of simple syrup.Simple syrup is just equal parts of sugar and water, brought to a boil until sugar dissolves. Let cool and then pour over fruits. If you would like more flavor to your syrup, try putting the grapefruit rinds in the syrup while bringing to a boil, then remove them before pouring. This process works well with most all fruits.

How do you eat a grapefruit with a spoon?

I'd suggest gently inserting a SMALL spoon into the back end of the supreme (fancy for segment) and move the spoon back and forth, gingerly while working your way downward. You will have some squirting cause you're breaking the cells, but that's OK. Just work the spoon downward... And when you're all the way down, slowly and carefully scoop the fruit upward. You're gonna have some extra juice, and of course the ads won't show you this, but that's just the way it is. Enjoy!

I planted some grapefruit seeds and they are starting to grow should I plant them in another container ?

As soon as it gets its first real leaves re-pot it. Those two leave it has now are called primaries.

Why is eating grapefruit good for your diet?

Personnally, my experience of dieting whole foods and exercise and good mind set, I wish you the best of luck with it

What kind of grapefruit juice do i need on the grapefruit diet?

I am doing the grapefruit diet but I'm not sure if I'm getting the right juice.I get an unsweetened juice from concentrate in a can.Is this the right kind?Also,it has a lot of carbs and sugars in it and I thought the grapefruit diet was suppose to be low in carbs?

What are good ideas for eating grapefruit?

Grapefruits are best eaten fresh by cutting the fruit horizontally and scooping out sections of the halves with a serrated grapefruit spoon. Special curved-blade grapefruit knives are also available. Add grapefruit to green salads for that extra tang. Add diced grapefruit to your salsa to give it an unusual flavor. With the egg and grapefruit diet menu, you don’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to get the figure you want.

Any ideas where to donate fresh grapefruit?

A church or organization that gives food to people (homeless people or low-income people).

Is grapefruit flavored soda ok with medications if there is no actual juice in it?

As long as you are positive there is no grapefruit by-product in it you should be fine. There is a chemical in the grapefruit that interferes with some medications. If it was the citric acid you wouldn't be able to drink orange juice or any other citrus product,and you can. "Grapefruit juice contains chemicals that can cause problems with enzymes that break down certain types of medicines in your intestines. "

How to grow a grapefruit seed without potting soil?

Well to us who livein florida, we are mostly sand and other than these freezes orange & grapefruit seem to do ok. start with moist papertowels--transfer to small pot, after tree gets 2 foot high transfer outside. fruit will be growing in aprox. 3 years

Do you like salt on your apples and on your grapefruit?

"I do not like salt on either apples, and/or grapefruit"!:( "Apples, and grapefruit plane"!:)

How can I sweeten grapefruit juice while still keeping it beneficial to my diet?

Look for the non-sugar sweetener called "stevia". It is extracted from a sugar like plant and has no calories or artificial ingredients.

What is the magic of grapefruit juice and why is it good?

Lowers your weight easily and prevents cancer they are the two many health benefits of grapefruit and its juice.


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