Menu for the 12-day Grapefruit Diet

The menu for the grapefruit diet is supposed to provide a jump start to weight loss, but monotonous consumption of grapefruit gets old very quickly. Let's take a closer look at this diet plan, and learn why it may not be your best path to weight loss.

Grapefruit, Grapefruit Everywhere

Ah, the grapefruit diet. It's been around for decades cycling in and out of favor, but it's always there for anyone who's searching for a quick way to lose a few pounds.

Grapefruit has been hailed as the ultimate fat burning fruit, and to a reasonable extent this is true. However, the basic premise of the grapefruit diet is that you can lose ten pounds in twelve days by including a serving of grapefruit with each meal. This sounds good in theory, but the plan has some flaws.

First, grapefruit is very acidic, and consuming it in steady quantities may leave you with mouth sores. Grapefruit can also irritate the stomach lining, so this is not the ideal weight loss plan for anyone who suffers from ulcers or other stomach ailments.

Second, the menu for the grapefruit diet is extremely low in calories. It doesn't even meet the recommended daily minimum caloric intake. While this is very useful for attaining rapid weight loss, it's not a healthy way to eat for an entire twelve days.

Third, research indicates that grapefruit may interfere with some medications. In particular, it seems to prevent the enzyme P-450 from doing its job to break down medications in the intestinal tract.

Fourth, eating all the meat you want isn't necessarily a good idea. As Ben Franklin advised, all things in moderation. Bingeing on protein is still bingeing, and does not lend itself to balanced nutrition.

Basic Menu for the Grapefruit Diet

Although the menu for the grapefruit diet is subject to slight variations, depending on your source, there is a basic body to the plan. You may choose to either eat fresh grapefruit or drink an eight ounce glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice with each meal.

Version One


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Two eggs prepared any way you like
    * Two slices of bacon (Substitute turkey bacon for a healthier alternative)


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Green salad with your favorite dressing
    * As much meat as you want


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Green salad with your favorite dressing
    * May substitute a red or green vegetable cooked with butter for the salad
    * Your choice of meat or fish, as much as you like
    * One cup of tea or coffee

Version Two


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Coffee or tea without cream/sugar


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Two eggs, cooked as you like
    * Cucumber and tomato salad with vinegar and lemon
    * One slice of dry toast
    * Coffee or tea


    * Half a grapefruit
    * Five ounces of lean meat
    * Lettuce and tomato salad with lemon and vinegar
    * Coffee or tea

Healthier Ways to Include Grapefruit

It is possible to benefit from the fat burning qualities of grapefruit without actually following the menu for the grapefruit diet.Try these tips on healthier ways to work grapefruit into your diet:

    * Add a glass of grapefruit juice to your meals now and then.
    * Enjoy half a grapefruit for breakfast whenever you feel like it.
    * Grapefruit makes a great addition to many garden salads.
    * Combine grapefruit with fresh melon and blueberries for a delicious fat burning fruit salad.

A Word to the Wise

If diet education has taught us anything, it's that there's no magic bullet for weight loss. Maintaining optimum weight requires eating moderate portions of healthy foods from all the food groups and engaging in moderate daily exercise. If you can incorporate a sensible diet and fitness plan into your lifestyle, you'll never have need of a fad diet like the grapefruit plan.


William Winston said...

I Really appreciated entry in green tea products and its environmental benefits! It has greatly captured my attention and I am highly impressed with your writing style and presentation of viewpoints.

Deliana Deltcheva said...

Thanks for sharing the info. I m going to try it out.

jlo91790 said...

I have done this diet several times and have lost 7-9 pounds... it's perfect for just wanting to feel thin (and look slightly thinner) before an event. My husband has done it 12 days on 2 days off and lost 50 pounds. It works just doesn't seem very safe for your body.

Anne C said...

i am trying the diet today...i hope it works

Karin Schermerhorn said...

Why do you call it not safe for your body? All good food. My mom used to use the Magic Menu when I was a KID!!!! That is why I looked it up. Simular to Atkins, but he doesn't allow the fruit. I started this version today and have felt better than I have the past 9 days on atkins

Felicia Franks said...

I did this diet several times years ago & have lost weight, I'm on day 2 and hoping for the same success. ..

Barbara Ragland said...

Gonna try this,hope it works for me also

Dawn Roeske said...

Can I eat a veggie or fruit in between meals?

Nikki said...

I am looking to try this diet this weekend. Does it really work and does the weight stay off?

melissac1677 said...

Are you allowed to snack in between at all?

Stephanie Carter said...

No snacks..and it works for sure!

Cathy Roberts said...

Would it be ok to use both versions of this diet??? Do version 1 one day and do version 2 the next and so on and so on

sandra davis said...

14lbs down already in 10 the first 12 wow next week 4 more lbs walking pays off also

sharon69 said...

I am on day 1, hoping for awesome results , my anniversary is in 19 days ��

sharon69 said...

After day 3 I lost 4 pounds !!! I will weigh in again on day 10 , hopefully I will have lost 4 more , also I am walking 2 - 3 miles a day ;)

Freesia Yuliriana said...

could I use salt to cook meat and fish?

sapphire Cabell said...

How did it work out for you?

sharon69 said...

After doing this diet for 12 days I Lost a total of 8 pounds !! Had neck surgery and have gained 5 of it back , but getting ready to start this diet again on Monday January 19th 2015 !!

msfitz said...

Yes it works , I have lost 20lbs. on this diet and I have hypothyroudism, just stick to the menu. I did 12 days on 2 days off

genius786 said...

Written very well thanx for Sharing Best Diet plan for Weight Loss

Ronnette Griffin said...

Yes it does work!! 12lbs off in 21 days. Yes I did it for 21 days straight. taking 2 day off then starting again. I am so amazed I will add walking to the next set of days!!

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