Rapid Weight Loss With Grapefruit and Egg

The regime of eggs and grapefruit for three days is that the grapefruit is thermogenic and will help you lose weight fast is based. This provision is also known as "Plan for three days" or known "egg grapefruit diet. "
The grapefruit diet is based on a normal diet, which is 12 days enough time to stay on this diet. Some people are unable to strict guidelines for 12 days, three days after the egg and grapefruit diet is a quick way to meet. Some people consider the three-day diet to more healthy for the body, such as "criminal" for a short period.
One thing before the start of this diet, that grapefruit juice can interfere with certain medications. Eating grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice within 45 minutes after taking the drug.
The egg and grapefruit diet menu of three days
This menu is monotonous, but the rewards are great if you participate.
A cup of black coffee 1 egg 1 slice whole wheat bread ½ grapefruit
½ grapefruit Mixed salad 1 tablespoon olive oil A cup of black coffee
½ grapefruit 4 ounces of meat, fried, grilled or fried in olive oil Mixed salad Steamed vegetables (all you can eat)
This is the menu for three days of egg grapefruit diet. If you snack between things that are allowed. As a snack, an apple, an egg (white) or wheat bread. This should be done if you really hungry.
If this diet for three days you will see a healthy weight loss. The only bad thing about this diet is that it is really hard to keep the weight later. For sustainable food, you should use the grapefruit diet 12 days, but three days the egg and grapefruit is a great way to start a diet.


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