Plant Grapefruit Seed

There is something satisfying to save the seeds of the fruit you eat and plant production of new plants. Grapefruit is no exception. These large citrus are easy to germinate and grow a beautiful home, but are not able to produce more edible fruit, at least not as expected. Most citrus fruits are available in the supermarket or farmers markets are developing the result of years of creating the desired position size, shape and flavor. Many are the result of the transplant done on rootstock. As a result, the fruit that grows from seed are not identical to the parent plant. But the seeds of the grape is still a rewarding experience and can also lead to a new variety of fruit.

Remove the seeds and wash them in a file. Use a soft brush, if necessary, cleaned.

Place a handful of damp peat in a plastic food bag. The moss should be moist, but should not be soggy. Put the grape seed extract in various peat and poetry.

Place the bag in a warm place in bright sunlight. The tip of a boiler or a device that maintains a constant temperature is ideal. Appear in the search for roots within 2-4 weeks.

Remove the seeds of peat and plant species in each pot all-purpose potting soil. Some people prefer a mixture of peat and compost in the soil, light, porous.

Keep the soil evenly moist until new growth occurs, and the plants are located. Go to a sunny location and water when the soil is a "bit dry.


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