Many uses of Grapefruit seed extract

I first came across Grapefruit seed extract when I lived in the U.K, and read some good reviews on this particular product. I purchased a little 100 ml (3.4 oz) bottle and used it occasionally in fruit juice. My aim was to see if it was effective in preventing, for example, travelers' tummy if we went on a short holiday over on the Continent and ate food that was different to what we were used to, or indeed if we had a local takeaway meal ("carry out" I think you call it in the States) that wasn't prepared, shall we say, in the most hygienic conditions. I was also interested in its espoused results on parasitic disorders. I found that it did help a lot, particularly if taken a few days after a "dodgy" meal.

Many years later, living in the south Pacific, I discovered I still had the bottle and used it to great effect on a trip to the jungles of east Malaysia, where we were served native foods which were definitely not what my stomach was used to ! Every time I go on a trip to a different country now I make sure I include it with me, as it is a handy aid in combatting or preventing stomach upset and other infections caused by nasty parasites, viruses and bacteria that are all around us.

Since then I have discovered it has quite wide-ranging uses, from a surface cleaner to an eczema treatment.

Initially perceived benefits of grapefruit seed extract portable, easy-to-take, alternative to antibiotics in some cases and no side effects !

So the initial benefits I found were that, firstly, it was an inexpensive product. I don't know about you, but every time I turn around, the price of medicines and pharmaceuticals seems to go up. (Fortunately I hardly ever get sick , but when I do I ALWAYS check out factors like diet, lifestyle ,stress factors first and then try and find a natural product or food to help me with my condition before paying $$ for the doctor's advice).

Secondly ,it's easily transportable wherever you go (more about my trip to east Malaysia in an ensuing module). Thirdly, because it's highly concentrated it doesn't require plenty of the stuff to do the job-only a few drops if taken orally.

Fourth, it seems to be a Natural Alternative to Antibiotics. In the late 80's, it was reported in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, (Volume 5, No. 3, USA, 1990) that a research team had examined the effects of Grapefruit seed extract and compared it with a range of effective antibiotics and 18 fungicides. The "natural" product (if I can call it that) was found to perform as well as the tested antibiotics and fungicides- without the usual side effects. It has been deemed "a natural alternative to strong antibiotics" and is non-toxic-so why not use it? (Obviously, antibiotics have their place, and I'm not saying to not ask a doctor for advice, because that's common sense).

So one can see why this product is popular with naturopathic physicians and with the general public. It is becoming more widely known that being prescribed antibiotics as the default option for regular ailments, is not always a good thing, and that eventually the effectiveness of the antibiotics is diminished through their over-application. Broad-spectrum antibiotics (e.g tetracycline), kill both good and bad bacteria throughout your body, leaving a bit of a vacuum where any surviving or new "bad" bacteria can then take over. This can play havoc with one's digestive system and cause yeast infections or diarrhea

Who first discovered the uses of Grapefruit seed extract ?

Dr Jacob Harich

GSE was developed by Dr. Jacob Harich, a physicist who was born in Yugoslavia in 1919 and educated in Germany. His education in nuclear physics was interrupted by World War II. After experiencing the horrific nature of war as a fighter pilot, he decided to devote the rest of his life to improving people's lives. He expanded his academic research to include medicine, including gynecology and immunology.

He came to the U.S.A in 1957 to study at Long Island University in New York. As an immunologist, he was interested in studying natural substances that might help protect the body from unwelcome tiny organisms. In 1963, he moved to Florida, where grapefruit is widely cultivated, and began research on the use of grapefruit seeds as a biocide. By 1990, holistic health practitioners began to recommend the use of GSE to their patients. In 1995, Harich was invited to the Pasteur Institute of France, a leading AIDS research center. Researchers at the Center have been investigating the potential of GSE in terms of assisting in the fight against HIV , as well as against some of the related infections associated with AIDS. He was also honored by farmers in Europe who use a powdered form of GSE in fish and poultry feed to control Salmonella and Escherichia coli. Dr Harich died in 1996.

A natural antibiotic and antiseptic?

Determining antibiotic efficacy: Allan Sachs, D.C., C.C.N., author of The Authoritative Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract, lists the following criteria for the ideal antibiotic: "It must have broad spectrum application, be powerful and effective, non-toxic, have minimal impact on beneficial bacteria, be well researched, derived from natural sources, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, compatible with other natural remedies and affordable." Since that grapefruit seed extract meets all these specifications, Dr. Sachs notes it has proven itself safe, effective and non-toxic for topical and internal use with wide-ranging internal, industrial and domestic applications.

Grapefruit seed extract as natural water purifier, antiseptic and preservative "on the road"

Water purification: your little "travel helper"

The following is an Australian government warning to its nationals visiting Malaysia: "Water-borne, food-borne and other infectious diseases (including hepatitis, tuberculosis, and hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD)) are prevalent, with more serious outbreaks occurring from time to time. We encourage you to consider having vaccinations before travelling. We advise you to boil all drinking water or drink bottled water, avoid ice cubes and raw and undercooked food. Seek medical advice if you have a fever or are suffering from diarrhoea."

In 2006 I visited some of the small villages and famous "long houses" near Kuching, east Malaysia. I was part of a team of church workers assisting local churches with whom we were associated, many of them in outlying districts, some of them contactable only by a trek through jungle or via "roads" only traversible by 4x4 vehicles. Within the first week a few of the team had diarrhea or stomach upsets. I was suffering from a stress-related condition and the last thing I wanted was to exacerbate the condition with tummy troubles. So out came the trusty bottle of Grapefruit seed extract (GSE), and I put a few drops into most every drink. I avoided any milk drinks or dodgy-looking "soup" dishes, and drank a lot of coca cola (I know, that's where the healthy part ends!). Despite high humidity and the very different food, I completed my ten days in the jungles and towns with no untoward stomach problems. I do not believe that I was any fitter than anyone else, and I attribute this to two things: prayer and GSE!

One of the leaders on that trip, who travels widely, told me of a subsequent trip to India, where one morning, waking up in his hotel room with a thirst, he automatically poured himself a drink from the tap, and had fairly severe diarrhea shortly after.

For those who swear by the safety of bottled water consider this report by the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC): " it is first important to know that 25 to 30 percent of it comes straight from municipal tap water systems, despite the pretty nature scenes on the bottles that imply otherwise. Some of that water goes through additional filtering, but some does not." NRDC has done extensive research into bottled water and found that it is "subject to less rigorous testing and purity standards than those which apply to city tap water."

Bottled water is required to be tested less frequently than tap water for bacteria and chemical contaminants, and U.S. Food and Drug Administration bottled water rules allow for some contamination by E. coli or fecal coliform, contrary to EPA tap water rules that prohibit any such contamination.

Similarly, NRDC found that there are no requirements for bottled water to be disinfected or tested for parasites such as cryptosporidium or giardia, unlike tougher EPA rules regulating tap water. This leaves open the possibility, says NRDC, "that some bottled water may present similar health threats to those with weakened immune systems, the elderly and others they caution about drinking tap water. "

How safe is your tap water? GSE as a natural water purifier

As an investigator for the Department of Health and Human Services, Public health Service and the FDA, Dr. Louis Parish, M.D., reported that grapefruit seed extract, "is as effective as any amebicide now available, perhaps more effective."

He and his team tested 200 patients suffering from Entamobea histoliytica and Giardia lamblia, parasitic infections that can cause illness and even death in extreme cases, because of dehydration. Dr. Parish found that grapefruit seed extract, "gives symptomatic relief more than any other treatment."

How much do you add to your water?: Drinking Water can be made safe by ten drops for each gallon of clear water. Shake vigorously and let it rest for a few minutes. (If possible, water should be filtered in some way first or let any floating particles settle.) Retain the clear water and use a total of up to 25 drops of grapefruit seed extract per gallon , if drinking stream or pond water .

Note: if you're taking regularly in a glass, it goes down better mixed with a fruit juice.

Alkalizing effects of Grapefruit Seed Extract
antioxidant action and oxygenation

Grapefruit seed extract contains high levels of vitamin C and E, and bioflavonoids. These produce antioxidant action and are known to neutralize free radicals that damage cells and cause disease.

Another great benefit of grapefruit seed extract is that it is helpful in making your blood more alkaline. Alkalizing or raising the pH, in one's body fluids, is one of the most important health needs since fungi, bacteria and viruses etc (which cause disease) are not able to survive in an alkaline oxygen-rich environment. Though lemons, limes, and grapefruits are chemically acid, tests show that when they are digested within the body they actually have an alkaline or alkalizing effect. They also do not have much sugar and have plenty of oxygenating effects. Madison Cavanaugh in her book "The One-Minute Cure, The Secret to Healing virtually all diseases states that " the primary physical cause of all diseases is linked in one way or another to oxygen deficiency -- and when the human body is supplied with abundant amounts of oxygen, all cancer cells, viruses, harmful bacteria, toxins, pathogens and disease microorganisms are killed.

Other citrus extract benefits: an aid against oral infections, gum disorders, thrush, strep throat and eczema
As I write this article, its interesting to note that only a few days ago, a nasty blood blister appeared on the side of my tongue. I have no idea what caused it, but it was painful to eat food on that side of the mouth. The next day I was due to see my dentist and he commented on the "big boil" on the tongue but suggested no other help. I looked up what the Web had to say and most entries either said such a condition would eventually go away and the rest (one suggestion was a doctor's) said one should lance it with a hot needle. Since I had no desire to prick it with a needle (it was sore enough) I thought I'd try my seven-plus-year-old 100 ml bottle of GSE on it. I used a couple of drops in a glass of water and gargled with it morning, noon and evening. Three days later, the painful swelling subsided and I could eat food normally. On the fourth day there was a faint whitish spot where the massive blood blister had been. Glory!

So this is another application: Oral infections, gum disorders and maybe even if you have a blood blister on the tongue !

Directions for How to use grapefruit seed extract

For a dental rinse : , mix 2 - 3 drops of GSE into a smallish glass of water. Gargle the mixture for 10 seconds or longer, then spit. Repeat twice a day.

For mouth ulcers: Rinse your mouth three or four times a day with 10 drops of GSE in a glass of water. You can also dab the mouth ulcer with 2 drops+ a tablespoon of water on a cotton swab.

(DON'T use GSE straight, it's pretty strong!)

You can use on cold sores by mixing several drops of GSE with one tablespoon of light olive oil and swabbing the sore 2-3 times daily. Let this stay on the sore overnight. Re-apply if blisters return.

This advice on bleeding gums which can cause bad breath, from (see links below)
1: You will need to get dental floss, a toothbrush, water, and grapefruit seed extract.

2: First, brush your teeth thoroughly with toothpaste.

3: Put a couple of drops of grapefruit seed extract in a small amount of water. Coat a piece of dental floss in this mixture.

4: With your coated floss, gently floss between the teeth with which you are having problems.

5:After you floss, rinse out your mouth and then gargle with a little water/grapefruit seed extract mixture. This will help with bad breath..You should start to notice that your gums aren't bleeding as often.

Internal uses include but not limited to: Tummy Upsets, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Diarrhea and Food Poisoning. Bacterial, Viral and Fungal. Candida Yeast Infections, Thrush and Chronic Fatigue. Infections of the mouth, Colds and Flu, Sore Throats, Strep Throat, Sinus problems and more.

For prostrate cancer and prostrate problems: See the article in

For Chronic Candidiasis:
Mix up 2 - 3 drops in 5 oz. of water or orange juice. Take twice a day. For resistant cases, take up to 7 drops mixed in at least 5 oz. of liquid. If the candidiasis does not improve, see your General Practioner. If you suffer from Re-occurring yeast infections there's a preferred Natural Remedy I recommend-see this article here: Recurrent Yeast Infections and, if you have the more dangerous Systemic variety, check out this link: Beat Systemic Candidiasis

Ear Rinse. Thoroughly mix 3-5 drops of
NutriBiotic's Grape Fruit Seed Extract Liquid 4oz with 1 oz. of glycerin or alcohol. Apply 1-2 drops of this solution in affected ear 1-2 times daily. Use as often as needed. Do not use full strength in ears.

For Eczema 5-10 drops in a glass of O.J or other juice 3 x daily (or 100mg capsule 3xdaily). GSE can also be applied this way: a few drops mixed in with a quarter cup of olive or almond oil, rubbed in to affected area twice daily. Wash off/discontinue if allergic reaction occurs. Eczema has no clear cause but factors such as cold/dry climates (such as where I live), diet (particularly)- toxins from food are known to contribute to this condition, so a detoxification program is recommended for those with a history of poor diet and stress. Note: the detox program will temporarily increase the release of toxins , so combine with pure juice produced from a juicer, acidopholus/natural yoghurt supplements, omega 3 from oily fish, and drink lots of (preferably distilled) water.

For sore throat/strep: Gargle with a mixture of 2 - 3 drops mixed in a small glass of water. Don't swallow as you are gargling, but if a little goes down the back of your throat at the end, it won't hurt .

For Yeast infections
Douche with 15-20 drops mixed in 8 oz. of water. Hold it in as long as you can. This usually works with just one dose. If symptoms persist, repeat once a day till successful. It is recommended by some health practitioners that you also take supplementary acidophilus with your diet.

Athlete's Foot or fungus on your nails- Mix 4 drops in about 8 oz. of warm water. Soak for 10-15 minutes. Soak nails twice a day until condition improves

General Antiviral application:
If one keeps surfaces clean that sick people are touching, and by drinking a few drops of GSE daily (1 - 2 drops in 5 oz. of water twice a day), the chances of contracting Herpes Simplex 1, Influenza A, measles, viruses, and nasties like salmonella, as well as things like colds will be greatly reduced. It's always a good idea to contact your doctor as well if you feel you have any of these conditions.

Grapefruit Seed Extract and Citricidal as a defence against Swine Flu and other flu
Swine Flu Precautions
Taking a flu shot is one way to protect yourself against the flu. Stocking up with Tamiflu, or using a good Chinese immunity builder are others. But there are natural foods and options you can use in your arsenal against winter ailments. Grapefruit is one of them. As with other citrus fruits it is a good source of vitamin C, and has alkalizing benefits which in itself can counter diseases cause by an over-acidic digestive system. It helps the body better absorb nutrients.

In a Press release from Waitakere City, New Zealand, in June 2009 it was stressed under the heading "Swine Flu Precautions Should be taken" that one should "Wash and/or dry your hands frequently" and the word "wash" was probably the most frequently used word in the article, often in connection with germs or contamination. "Regularly clean flat surfaces such as bathroom sinks, bedside cabinets, desks and table tops where germs can live for up to 48 hours. Wipe them down with a household disinfectant" it stated. One can see immediately the application of grapefruit seed extract here, being an anti-microbial.

There has been some encouraging research that shows that Citrus extract inactivated herpes simplex virus type a (HSV-1) and influenza A2 as well as four animal diseases including Avian influenza. Citricidal is usually the product of choice if wanting to stock up with natural defences against any kind of flu, as it is the most potent formula available (triple the potency of regular strength sold elsewhere on the internet). Citricidal is an amber-colored liquid with a mild citrus aroma. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive, yet highly potent. Care should be taken with its administration, so read the directions (preferably after consulting your doctor about possible antiviral applications for flu). Whether GSE or the Citricidal version mentioned could cure swine flu is unproven, but a strengthened immune system should be your first line of defense.

Thrush treatment
Dr Jay Gordon, the media-friendly U.S pediatrician says "GSE is extremely effective in the treatment of thrush. I also find it to be the easiest place to start. If used diligently, it typically will clear up thrush within a couple of days."

This is his treatment of thrush with GSE:

"Make a mixture of 10 drops of Citricidal Grapefruit Seed Extract to one ounce of water. The use of distilled water to make your solution is very important. The chemicals placed in your local tap water to kill bacteria can reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredients in GSE.
IF thrush is not markedly improved by the second day, increase the mixture to 15, or even 20 drops of GSE per one ounce of distilled water. If after reaching up to at least 20, and a full day of hourly treatment with it, you see no improvement, I would consider using Diflucan. If you are prescribed Diflucan, continue to treat topically with GSE during the course of treatment.

Use this solution with an absorbent swab on mom's nipples and baby's mouth once every hour during all waking hours. Swab baby's mouth prior to nursing and mom's nipples after nursing. Applying it to baby's mouth prior to nursing will help them to avoid the possibility of baby associating the bitter taste with nursing. "

Use Grapefruit seed extract on dogs and cats: for giardia and mange
useful in dealing with mange, worms,giardia
GSE is also useful on your dogs and cats. If your dog gets mange for example, add 15 drops to a 8 oz spray bottle and spray on to the affected areas. If the mange is on its face, use a cotton wool swab: repeat three times a daily. If it's a bad case, then also put some in their water. The dog should show some improvement within 2 weeks. It can also be used at the same time to kill worms , by putting the drops in their water bowl. For ringworm use the same concentration as for mange, also in a spray bottle, spray on and it should work within 2 weeks.

To remove parasites from your animals drinking platter/dish put one drop per about 8 oz of water.

If your dog or cat suffers from Giardia, try GSE on it. Give them one drop of concentrate per 10 pounds of body weight three or four times a day. Bear in mind the capsules are equivalent to 10-15 drops of the liquid. It is bitter to taste, so unless buried in the food, dilute! Giardia is a common problem with cats too. Nutribiotic, I read, is a good version of the product when considering your animals.


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