Growing Red Grapefruit Trees

Red grapefruit has a dark tone and level of meat sweet pink grapefruit. Red Grapefruit, better known as "Ruby Red" is known, is emptied and are the most popular varieties are the U. S. The result of this transfer resistant to drought, but grew up in hot climates, temperatures can damage below the freezing point of the structure. These trees require little maintenance, and during the growing season, they emit a scent. Red grapefruit trees are still a dwarf variety for those who grow the tree in a pot on the balcony or terrace available preference.

Enjoy the plant roots in water for several hours before planting or transplanting. It is completely hydrate the root of the tree and using it would be best to keep the land.

Choose a place to dig into the tree, grapefruit and a hole several inches deep and wider than the pocket-root plants.

Make a mixture of peat moss for planting. Mix peat should also consist of parts of peat and compost.

Put a hole "in the small mixture of peat. Located in the hole around the plant and the open space around the tree, filling more of the mixture of peat. Place the mixture firmly around the yolk.

Water the tree every two weeks.

Cover with a plastic sheet changes during the night, temperatures close to zero. This protects the tree from frost damage. When you expect a freeze in their area, the poor are young trees to keep warm with blankets.

Add your tree Ruby Red Grapefruit with a cup of alum every four months. With the aging of the structure, increasing the amount of aluminum sulfate per capita for each year of tree age.

Regular pruning of branches and leaves. This prevents the collapse from spreading to other parts of the structure.

Harvest mid to late March when the fruit ripens.


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