Growing Grapefruit Trees

You know how to create fertilize the water, and maintain a healthy grapefruit trees, beautiful trees and a sweet collection.

Buy a variety for your region. For the production of fresh fruits, grapefruit, most require very hot summers, like those found in Florida, Texas and the deserts of California and Arizona.

Plant in a sunny and warm where the soil drains well. If you have a factory near the south wall or near a large area of concrete around the tree maximized reflects heat and soften the fruit.

Water deeply once every 7-10 days in summer (newly planted grapefruit often need water until established). Water less often if it rains or is cold.

Apply 2 to 3 inches of organic mulch to conserve moisture.

Fertilize every four to six weeks from February to August.

Protect trees from frost if temperatures drop below 28 degrees F.

Grapefruit harvest, when the delicate flavor. The duration depends on the variety and the production environment.


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