Grapefruit: Diet & Nutrition

Did you know that grapefruit is best eaten when fresh and chilled as this maximises its vitamin C content? Learn more.

How much to eat

Citrus fruit can be eaten freely. Two or three citrus fruits can provide the body with 20 percent of its potassium requirements.

Key benefits

All citrus fruit are excellent sources of Vitamin C, which helps to maintain the body's defences. The flavonoid narigenin is found in grapefruit. It is thought to reduce the risk of some cancers. Grapefruit can improve blood circulation and lower blood cholesterol levels.

Maximising the benefits

Grapefruit is best eaten peeled and raw. This is more beneficial than grapefruit juice. It is important also to eat the skin around the segments. Grapefruit is best eaten when fresh and chilled as this maximizes its vitamin C content.

Nutritional values

Calories     20
Vitamin C     24 mg
Fibre     0,9 mg
Folate     18 mcg
Carbohydrate     9 g
Starch     0
Sugars     9 g
Glycaemic Index high
Per 100g


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